James Henderson.


Whilst providing project and cost management on Ireland’s tallest build or redeveloping Belfast’s Laganside area are prodigious accolades, there’s another type of work that’s just as important to Skope Managing Partner James Henderson. For example, take the cost management of the North West Regional Cancer at Altnagelvin Hospital, a cross funded project between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

The centre has improved access and reduced travelling times for cancer treatments for a population which previously had to travel to Belfast, Galway or Dublin. “Having the opportunity to be involved in a project and providing Cancer treatment services for people living in the North West of Ireland is both humbling and gratifying,” says James. “Rather than people having to travel to Belfast, which is over two hours by car, for treatment, they now have state of the art facilities that are as little as 30 minutes from their home.” James believes that the built environment has a role that is much greater than just economic benefits. He says it can strongly influence the health and wellbeing of the community

“I’ve been involved in a number of projects that have won awards and accolades over the years and while that’s very satisfying, it is equally as rewarding to be involved in projects that give something back to the community or have more of a personal feeling to them,” he says.

James joined Skope, then called Bruce Shaw, in 1998. It was a decade later during the Global Financial Crisis that the company pivoted into business consultancy and recovery work for banks and corporate investors. It’s this example, among many, that highlights Skope’s responsiveness to the ever changing economic landscape. James says it’s the consultancy’s adaptability, and not being stereotyped into any one particular sector or project type that has, and will continue to, stand Skope in good stead. “As an industry and as a profession we are always evolving. It’s being able to evolve and adapt, that sets successful firms apart” he says. “It is being able to predict our client’s needs, respond and deliver that’s important. “We are market leaders, who proactively manage our client’s interests across a broad spectrum of projects, both in the public and private sectors. That’s held us in good stead, and will continue to do so going forward. While there’s a strong sense of pride in Belfast, Skope has its sights set on The UK and Ireland construction sectors. This is one of the innovative pillars of Skope, the ability to stay ahead of the pack by expanding the consultancy’s horizons.

“We are recognised as sector experts and leaders, whilst being a great accolade it is not something we take lightly,” says James.

“We constantly review and challenge to ensure we continue to be relevant and up to date.” “It is making sure that we are being innovative in every way that we can.”