Andrew Murray.


Where cost management is concerned, there is nothing more desirable than a safe pair of hands, and that is exactly what Skope Partner Andrew Murray delivers. Whether it’s a two hundred thousand pound project, or a two million pound project, Andrew brings the same level of commitment, energy and most importantly – accuracy. The key, he says, is keeping his clients informed, every step of the way. 

It’s more than a working relationship that Andrew prides himself on. “It’s a friendship most of the time,” he says.

“Over the years I get to know a client and develop a trusted, personal relationship. A safe pair of hands is what I’ve been told to be and that’s what I like to think I am.” 

It’s the long standing nature of these working friendships, coupled with transparency and accuracy, that sees Andrew exceed his client’s expectations. 

“I like to pride myself on the accuracy of a job I’m estimating,” he said. 

“I also keep my clients informed every step of the way. 

“In the past I’ve had a client for fifteen years in Manchester and he’s always said ‘Andrew, the reason I work with you is because if you’ve made a mistake you tell me, if you haven’t, done something, you tell me so I trust you!.” 

Andrew has worked on an array of impressive projects in and outside of Belfast, some of these requiring more of a boutique and specialist touch. 

Most recently, as project partner, he oversaw Amazon’s three–tiered, 479 space van storage centre build, infrastructure to support an 80,000 square foot distribution warehouse  facility in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray

In the same area Andrew provided cost management services for the construction of Belfast’s first film studio, which provided 125,000 square feet of production space with intricate rigging for cameras and lighting. 

No matter the size of a client, be it Titanic Quarter or those considerably smaller, Andrew delivers an equal amount of energy and commitment. 

“There is actually more detail in a small project because every pound matters,” he said. 

“With a larger project the cost changes are relatively smaller and it’s easier to manage, so a small project and large project both have their challenges. 

“Whether it’s two hundred thousand or two hundred million job, it’s still the same process and I still have the same level of commitment.” 

Andrew has acted as project partner for many projects in the Titanic Quarter, including major demolition projects and the high specification Gateway office development, with fitouts for a major financial institution.