David Wilson.


Skope Partner David Wilson is forever learning; a self–proclaimed sponge when it comes to
soaking up knowledge. With over three decades of industry experience, David keeps on
learning for the benefit of himself, Skope, and most importantly, his clients.

David’s desire for self–improvement is evident in his list of specialisations, which includes
project management, due diligence project monitoring, expert witness reporting, health &
safety CDM matters and quantity surveying. This commitment has stood both David and
Skope in good stead.

Take for example his willingness to recently become an expert witness in matters regarding
construction litigation and arbitration. It’s not a role for the faint hearted, but a challenge
that David is up for.

“I find the preparation of Expert Witness Reports really interesting,” he says.

“My approach with an expert witness report is to test and critique the available information,
coming up with conclusions that are clearly supported by the facts. This provides best
information for all parties, especially the judge, and contributes, I believe to more efficient
resolutions and reduced costs for all.”

In other words, he does the best job possible. This philosophy is carried across all of David’s
projects at Skope.

“We (Skope) always have to keep proving ourselves, because
we are only as good as our last job,” he says.

It’s also Skope’s variety of work that excites David. Particularly in the leisure sector. David
has overseen a wide range of projects, including the Mossley Theatre, Royal Ulster
Agricultural Society buildings, Belfast’s award–winning Science & Discovery Centre W5,
along with Queens’ University student accommodation blocks, and Ireland’s highest building, the Obel Tower.

David Wilson

“Skope Projects work is not mundane and boring, but varied and interesting,” he says.

David’s work experience prior to Skope means he’s able to provide a unique offering to his
clients – having a robust understanding from the client’s perspective. David previously
worked in the property department of a bank, on the client side of projects. In addition, he
had four valuable years in construction contracting, working in the fields of Cost
Management, Quantity Surveying Management and Project Management.

“My experience on the client side of project management enables me to identify with client
representatives. I can empathise with them because I understand the pressure that they are
under and the objectives they need to achieve,” he says.

“It is important to always think strategically and be able to
ascertain the wood from the trees. “My client–side
experience has enabled me to quickly figure out what client
representatives are really looking for and identify the key
goals they need to attain.”

In relation to project delivery David outlined the many aspects in a job his clients look for,
which Skope delivers time and time again.

“Clients are essentially looking for the successful delivery of their brief, compliant buildings,
the successful management of risk, adherence to their time and budget constraints, for the
best value possible and with as much cost certainty as achievable, throughout the project
cycle,” he says.

“The knowledge, experience and expertise within Skope Projects enables us to deliver
successfully for our clients in this regard, time and time again.”